I love utilizing the essential oils in my bodywork since taking a class and becoming certified in the essential oils and aromatherapy. When taking the class i was truly blown away about how little i knew about the amazing healing properties the oils have the amazing testomonies from so many people. When i started using the oils I enjoyed the power that came from the oils during the massage it seemed to just amplify what i was doing. I became a true believer when I had a bad accident and my hands were ripped up bad I was afraid I wouldn't be able to massage for weeks. In desperation i coated my hands with the only oils i had and just kept at it they healed in days! They also did wonders when my son Asher was colicky as a baby some peppermint on his feet he always slept better. Well this last fall I was introduced to what i consider to be the highest quality oils ive to come in contact with. I was given samples by a doterra consultant and was immediatly impressed by the pureness and quality of the smell of the oils compared to the other very high quality oils I was already using. Well I figured Id give doTERRA a try, figuring I would just be a distributor for both of the top oil companies so that I could provide my clients with whatever brand they prefered. On the recommendation of a colleague I chose to sign with doTERRA first and I am so glad I did. When my first shipment came and I fell in love. I knew the power of essential oils but had no idea that they could be even better. DoTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils are held to the highest levels of testing to ensure that each bottle is as powerful as it can be. Thanks to doterra I have replaced my familys regular medicenes with the oils. I love knowing that Im giving them something effective that will not have any negative side effects short or long term In fact the more you use the oils the more they help your body to heal itself. Our bodies have an amazing ability for regeneration and the  oils just aid the bodies power to do just that If you find yourselfs intrigued by this point please take a look at my doterra site there is much more information to give you a better knowledge and and why doTERRA is heading the way in pharmaceutical grade essential oils.




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